What does Imago therapy look like? In my series of 15 videos I offer one perspective on the basic dialogues that are taught in the Imago Clinical Training.  There are many other perspectives but I think that in watching each other we continue to learn and grow.  I like to think of Imago as like our common surname - we all belong to the family “Imago” so there are strong resemblances, but each of us is also different in our ways of being and doing, and each of us continues to change over time. If I made the series again today there are a certainly a few things I might do quite differently and other things I remain proud of.   Each dialogue is introduced with an outline of the purpose and main points of the dialogue.  I invite you to use them as a learning tool - to watch and pause the videos periodically so you can think about what you like about my work and what you might have done differently.  The cost is $260 US (or you can purchase a taster pack for $35 and if you like it you can buy the remainder for $245).  You can watch them repeatedly through an online link, and can use them for teaching and demonstrations - to professional audiences only please, not the general public.  Please go to to purchase them.  I do hope that you enjoy them and recommend them to your colleagues.
The 15 videos are:
  1. General Introduction
  2. Introduction to Isabelle and Catherine
  3. Mirroring
  4. Introduction to Jessica and Sander
  5. Appreciate Dialogue
  6. Full Dialogue
  7. Deepening from Content to Affect 
  8. Intake Interview
  9. Centering and Relaxation for starting a session
  10. Introduction to Wendy and Patrice
  11. Relationship Vision
  12. Caring Behaviors Dialogue
  13. Parent-Child Dialogue - unmet needs
  14. Positive Parent-Child Dialogue
  15. Behavior Change Request Dialogue