Imago Professional Facilitator Training

Imago Professional Facilitator Training

Become an Agent of Change in the World. Take Imago into your sphere of interest and expertise.

Imago skills and understanding of relationship dynamics are applicable in so many diverse fields. Wherever relationships are involved - at work, at home, at play -relationship challenges can arise.

The Imago Facilitator Program gives coaches, business owners and managers, HR personnel, health care workers, clergy and others the tools to effectively facilitate connection and understanding and to be your most present and connected self. 1/3 theory, 1/3 practice, 1/3 personal work.

The training consists of a Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation course, a practicum on applying Imago in your sphere of interest, and specialization courses focusing on working with individuals, dyads, families, groups and organizations.

THIS TRAINING IS NOW ALSO BEING OFFERED ON-LINE BY A TEAM OF FOUR IMAGO FACULTY MEMBERS: John Mortensen from Denmark, Wendy Patterson from USA, Sophie Slade from UK and Canada, and Kobus van der Merwe from South Africa, assisted by other experienced and talented Imago practitioners

Fundamentals of Imago Facilitation will be offered on-line in 2021 over 7 weeks from March 1st to April 19th from 12-3 p.m. Eastern US time, to be followed by specialization and application courses.  This introductory course stands alone or as part of a certification program.  Cost $690.

The online format allows people from around the world to participate.  The depth of sharing, personal insights and connection that occurs in the group is quite remarkable.  Dyad and small group work in break-out rooms facilitates this, as does the  atmosphere of safety and acceptance fostered by the leaders.

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I also offer several Advanced Trainings in Imago Relationship Therapy.