'Getting The Love You Want' Couples Workshop - in person and on-line

A transformative experience for couples developed by Harville Hendrix, Ph.D., & Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D. presented by Sophie Slade Ph.D. and David Howarth.  

All couples are welcome!  Imago is committed to inclusiveness and non-discrimination.

Help your relationship reach its fullest potential!  

Whether you’ve just fallen in love, are looking to restore your romance, or are in chronic conflict, this workshop is for you.

And now, during COVID-19 you can experience it in the safety and comfort of your own home, whilst you participate on-line, with time to integrate the material between sessions. Secure, encrypted zoom platform. Personal work done privately in break-out rooms with support as needed.  Couples who have participated in the on-line workshop have been thrilled at the levels of connection they have experienced with other participants and the deep transformation in their own relationships.

During the workshop you and your partner will learn a new way to talk and listen that will help you:

  • Discover each other in a new way.
  • Grow into meeting each others' relational needs in safe ways.
  • Deepen and sustain a joyful connection.
  • Acquire essential information and skills to help make your relationship successful and lasting, or to figure out if you want to be together;
  • Develop a fresh understanding of the “exquisite perfection of the fit” between you in areas of greatest conflict;
  • Transform your conflicts into opportunities for growth and healing
  • Meet the chimp and turtle who can take over your relationship
  • Realize you are not alone on this human journey.
  • And oh, so much more to create the relationship you want!


Personal work is done with your partner (in private break-out rooms when attending on-line).   This is an educational experience for couples, NOT group therapy. The workshop includes lectures, written exercises, live demonstrations and practice sessions between partners. You share only with your partner with the support of facilitators, if needed.

ON-LINE Hours: Wednesdays - 2.30-5.30 pm Eastern (Montreal) ,  7.30 - 10.30 pm UK, 20h30 - 23h30 Europe  

IN PERSON Hours:  Saturday 9.00 a.m.-7.00 p.m., Sunday 9. 00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.

Practicing Jewish couples - special arrangements can be made to facilitate participation on the Sabbath.

Cost: £595, $995CA, 700 Euros (in person) per couple

            £575/$925CA/625 euros (on line) per couple 

Repeat participants get a 2/3 discount off the current price.  

COVID conditions for the safety of all

  • Please be double vaccinated or have a negative covid test within 72 hours to attend.
  • Please do not attend if you have tested positive or if you have been asked to get tested through the track and trace app during the last 10 days prior to the w/shop
  • If you need to cancel due to illness you can join us on line from November to December
  • If symptoms develop during the w/shop please inform the facilitator and then leave.
  • Hand sanitizers will be provided.
  • Please keep the same seat throughout the workshop.
  • The wearing of masks is optional for participants.  Leaders and assistants will wear masks when facilitating close to you.
  • Distancing - we will do our best to respect personal distances
  • Ventilation - the location has many windows that we can open to maintain good ventilation.
  • May we all stay healthy and safe.



“So simple, practical and produces results. Our lives have been enriched and transformed by this process”

“Sophie has the gift of love and dedication in her way of presenting, explaining, respecting."

“Sophie and David are a tangible example of Imago at work in real relationships. It was very inspiring”

“Highly recommended - I can now see that incompatibility with your partner is not necessarily a recipe for disaster, but for a successful life-long partnership”

“Having had a couple of half- hearted attempts at relationship counselling which I couldn’t buy into, the Imago approach was a ‘breath of fresh air’"

"This workshop enabled me to see my partner through new, enriched eyes”

”Extraordinary course, with exercises which changed our relationship immediately…”


When is the next workshop?

October 30-31, 2021
9 a.m – 7 p.m. & 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Stephens House,
17 East End Road,
Finchley, London N3 3QE
$995CA; £595; 700 eurosClick Here To Register
November 17 - December 17, 2021, weekly on Wednesdays for 5 weeks, 2.30-5.30 pm Eastern; 7.30-10.30 pm UKON-LINE via a secure zoom link. $925, £575, 625 eurosClick Here To Register