About Me

I am passionate about relationships, helping people work through conflict and live in deep empathic connection with themselves and each other.  I am committed to working to the very best of my skills and abilities with all my clients, independent of race, colour, creed or gender identity.

What hooked me into Imago

I started trying to understand relationships when I was going through a divorce and studied relationships for my doctoral dissertation.

I discovered Imago when I read “Getting the Love You Want” in 1991. I gave the workshop to my second husband for his birthday, because I thought he needed it! Ha ha! It turned my life around. It transformed my relationship with my husband and gave a focus to my work - to help people experience safe and caring connection.

My work

I have worked in private practice for over 30 years, seeing mainly couples but also individuals with relationship challenges.

I am an Imago Workshop Presenter giving workshops in French and English in Montreal, London and around the world, whenever possible with my husband, David.



Me and my husband David on Safari in South Africa

As an Imago senior clinical instructor I offer trainings to therapists and others around the world and contribute to the development of theory and new advanced trainings.


I have been honoured to receive both the Helen LaKelly Hunt Award for Community Building and the Harville Hendrix Award for Clinical Excellence.

My husband, David, and I are in a long-term, deeply loving and passionate relationship which we pulled back from the brink of disaster and continue to create using the Imago tools.

I live in Montreal, Canada and London, UK. My motto is “Have Imago, Will Travel”.

Imago Faculty Meeting

Sophie at The Imago Faculty meeting (above) and with Harville Hendrix and Helen Lakelly Hunt (right).