Therapy for couples:

Sophie is currently offering online sessions for couples, as well as some in-person sessions in Montreal under safe conditions.

Sophie has many years of experience helping couples from around the world on-line.  Using an encrypted Zoom platform to maximize security, or in her office, she offers 2-hour sessions weekly or every two weeks. The on-line format gives couples an opportunity to experience the wonderful connection and deep understanding that Imago offers in the comfort of their own home where they will be using the skills they learn and practice in the sessions. The two-hour format allows time to get present and connected, explore issues of importance in depth from two perspectives and bring closure.

In September 2021 Sophie has four two-hour time slots that are opening up for new clients.  These can be reserved in blocks of six sessions, either weekly or every two weeks.  After an initial interview, if we agree to work together, couples will be expected to attend and pay for each scheduled session.  After the 6 sessions we will discuss whether we want to continue.  Couples will also be expected to continue the practices outside of the therapy hours as it is the way you interact with each other when going about your daily lives that will determine the relationship you have.

Fees:  $200, 130 GBP per hour.  Some concessions available under particular circumstances.

Intensives for couples

Sophie offers two types of individual intensive experiences for couples who want to make significant changes in a short time and then sustain these changes over the long term.

  1. Personally crafted one- to three-day intensives to get a head-start on therapy or to focus on a specific area of concern in your relationship. Cost $200 US per hour or equivalent in other currencies.
  2. "Creating the RelationshipYou Desire - see below for details.

"Creating the Relationship You Desire" - a 12-month program for couples who want to design together the relationship they want to live and then make it happen.

This program consists of:

  • A 2-day intensive
  • Monthly follow-up by email and/or Skype

Day 1

  • Co-creating the shared Relationship Vision
  • Evaluating the baseline
  • Theory - a model of change
  • Learning the Dialogue skill
  • Plotting the path
  • Setting a one-month plan
  • Theory - negativity and the brain
    • The Zero Negativity Pledge
  • The Appreciation Dialogue
  • Homework - The Imago Work-up

Day 2

  • Daily relationship practices - The Appreciation Dialogue
  • Understanding the Imago work-up
  • Imago Theory - The Journeys of the Self
  • Understanding childhood roots of current conflicts
  • How to ask for what you want - replacing criticism with requests
  • Finalizing the month by month plan
  • Evaluating progress
  • Other resources
  • Closing appreciations
  • Commitment

12-month Follow-up - Monthly check-ins by Skype or email to evaluate progress and set the plan and commitment for the following month.

Cost: 2-day intensive = $2,400 US + $250 US per month or equivalent in other currencies.

Locations: Montreal, Canada or London, UK, or possibly elsewhere.

If you would like to discuss working with Sophie, please contact her after September 7th for information and to schedule an intensive: Sophie Slade at