Some Comments From The "Getting The Love You Want" Workshops

"Thank you for a remarkable weekend.  You took us from stalemate to love again and, from the looks and language of the other 9 couples, that was echo's all around.  What wonderful work you do."

"Bomb defusing skills for relationships"

"Thank you also and specifically for taking your time to guide us so nimbly when we ran aground.

If you had not, the weekend would have floundered there.  As it was you took us deeper safely and back to love. Bless you.”

Ben Bristol, September 2017

A wonderful weekend! My partner and I were able to connect in ways that we have not been able to in years.  Montreal 2019

"Participating in the workshop felt like a real breakthrough for our relationship."

Thanks for your commitment in promoting Imago, Sophie!

Your workshop has been a real eye-opener and I am seeing my relationship in a whole new light.

More power!

The workshop was amazing. It was exactly what my partner and myself needed to start us on off the right path to rebuilding our relationship.  Sophie was great! She really helped and guided us through some tough problems and help us feel there was hope for our relationship.

Sophie is very articulate and perceptive


Sophie and David are great and very engaging

Some Comments From The "Keeping The Love You Find" Workshops

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Some Comments From Training Courses Delivered By Sophie

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