Brilliant at the Basics

Brilliant at the Basics – I just finished the Brilliant at the Basics course in London. This advanced training for Imago practitioners takes the fundamentals of Imago therapy covered in the Imago Clinical Training and digs deeper. We explored the resistance to integrating some of the processes such as the Holding exercise and then had an incredibly powerful experience of practicing this amazing relationship tool. We reviewed the deepening tools and played with different ways of using them. We also explored different ways of mirroring, validating and empathizing that helps the Dialogue flow more smoothly. We experienced the Parent-Child Dialogue as a relational rather than an intra-psychic process – how it can be so deeply healing for many couples. And we took another look at the Behaviour Change Request dialogue, contraindications for continuing and how to help couples when the promised changes don’t happen. I learnt so much in giving the course and the Imago therapists at different points in their Imago careers expressed much delight not only in the material but in the safety and connection they experienced in the training. I have fallen in love with this incredibly powerful course.

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